Brief Original StoryMadeline is the daughter of Zach Salvatore and distant niece to Stefan and Damon Salvatore, placing her as the last of the human bloodline. She was born and spent a few years of her childhood living in Mystic Falls at the Salvatore Boarding Manor with her parents. She was home-schooled and taught of the Salvatore family history, the duties of the council and of what it meant to be a founding family, and of the Supernatural world and how to defend and protect against it as she grew up (whether your character knew her or not as a child is entirely up to you, we can always plot something out). Her mother left her father when she was six and took her with her where they moved to Florida, and she visited and vice versa on holidays and during the summer up until his death which she didn’t know about so she believed for awhile after that he had either up and disappeared or abandoned her. Her mom had been battling cancer on and off for many years and when she finally got the terminal diagnosis she told Madeline to head back to her birthplace to find her father so that she would have a home to live in once she passed. Her mother passed shortly afterwards and now Madeline is back in Mystic Falls searching for him, having no clue that Damon killed him. 


  • Born in Mystic Falls and raised at the boarding house by her mom and dad.
  • Moved away from Mystic Falls to Florida with her mom around Second Grade when her parents finally separated after years of fighting.. Kept in touch with her dad and both visited each other on and off over the next few years leading up until his death.
  • Currently seventeen years of age; has just arrived in Mystic Falls in search of her father after not having heard anything from him in awhile not knowing he’s dead and her mother’s dying wish was for her to come back here and live with him. 
  • Knows all about the Salvatore family history and vampires, werewolves, etc. 
  • Madeline is human and a hunter, spending her time going after those who she feels are beyond redemption and have no signs of remorse for what they’ve done. She also tends to step in as a guardian and protector role from time to time when she’s not hunting.